Diamond core drill for concrete, aerated concrete, limestone, bricks and masonry

VONROC’s diamond core drill has a long service life thanks to the high-quality finished diamond segments. The drill is suitable for drilling out holes for the installation of switches, sockets and for pipe passages. Applicable in materials such as concrete, aerated concrete, lime sandstone, bricks and masonry. Thanks to the SDS-plus connection, this set is suitable for many brands of hammers and combi hammers. The advantage of an SDS-plus connection compared to a drill with cylindrical connection? With an SDS-plus connection, the notches in the shaft provides an extra lock in the machine. As a result, more force can be applied.

Main advantages of the VONROC’s diamond core drill

  • Long service life due to high-quality finished diamond segments.
  • With the included centering drill, it is easy to determine the heart of the borehole.
  • Suitable for many brands of rotary and combi hammers thanks to the SDS-plus connection.

Tips for usage

Do not use the core drill in the machine's hammering position. The diamond core drill is suitable for dry drilling. We recommend that you first pre-drill the borehole with a separate Ø8mm drill (in impact position).

What's inside the box?

  • 1x Diamond core drill Ø68mm
  • 1x Center drill Ø8mm
  • 1x Expulsion pin
  • 1x SDS-plus adapter 110x26mm

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