Make your car or boat shine like new again

Thanks to the VONROC 3 step polish disc system, your car, boat or engine will shine like never before! These polishing pads allow you to remove scratches and buff out rusty patches wherever you want to apply wax.

The red polishing pads in this set are suitable for removing scratches and imperfections in the paint. You can use them for the frist step of the 3 step plan in the polishing process.

Good quality polishing discs with rounded corners, equipped with hook and loop fasteners for easy attachment.

Suitable for almost all brands of 150mm (dual action) polishing machines

The polishing discs are suitable for almost all brands of dual action polishing machines with a support disc of 150mm which is equipped with hook and loop.

For which applications are the polishing discs suitable?

  • Red (step 1): for removing scratches and removing imperfections in the paint.

Good to know

Are you looking for polishing discs that are suitable for buffing out shallow imperfections in the paint and creating an optimal shine? Or perhaps polishing discs to apply polishes, wax and sealants and to create shine? If so, take a look at these polishing discs:

In addition, it is also possible to purchase a complete starter set of polishing discs. Take a look at our (PM815AA). This starter set contains 3 pieces of polishing discs: 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 black. By purchasing this set you’ll have all the necessary polishing discs at your disposal.

Tips for usage

We always recommend testing polishing discs on a "test spot". Each new surface should be tested, as all painted surfaces are different. Start with a fine polishing disc and use a delicate polish. Make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of said polish. If you are satisfied with the test result, you can start polishing the entire panel. Do not use too much polish to avoid saturation of the polishing discs, reducing their capacity to remove the imperfections in the paint. For best results, we recommend that you have multiple pieces of each disc at hand. Once the polishing disc is fully saturated it should be replaced. Else, the disc will be completely soaked (full of polish) and will not be able to remove imperfections. Also, the disc will lose its ability to release heat and detach from the hook & loop. However, they are easy to clean after use by washing them in soapy warm water. After you let them dry they will ready for use again.

Specifications of the polishing discs

Polishing disc red

  • Polishing step: 1
  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • Colour: red
  • Application: for removing scratches and imperfections in the paint
  • Material: foam
  • Hook & loop: yes
  • Rounded corners: yes
  • Porosity: 60-70 PPI
  • Density: 29-35Kg/m3
  • Elasticity: ≥340Kpa

What's inside the eco-friendly packaging?

  • 3 x Polishing disc / polishing sponge / polishing disc 150mm red 

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