Make your car shine like never before

With the VONROC polishing pads, your car or boat will shine like never before. You can remove stubborn dirt, scratches and oxidation spots easily with the right pads! The polishing pads are suitable for waxing and are equipped with Velcro fasteners, which allows fast and simple securing of the pads onto the machine.

Suitable for most brands with a 150mm diameter

The polishing pads are suitable for almost all dual action polisher brands, featuring 150mm pads, provided with Velcro fasteners. Among other brands, it is suitable for the VONROC Dual Action Polisher UK_PM501AC.

Medium, fine or super fine: you decide what polishing pad you need!

The VONROC polishing set consists of 3 polishing pads - one medium, one fine and one super fine grit. Depending on the polishing substance used, with these three polishing disks you always have the right disc at hand.

To determine which VONROC polishing pad you need, we recommend testing it on a test spot. This way, you can check how coarse (or fine) the pad has to be to get the desired result.  Start with a fine polishing pad using a white fine grade polishing substance. If you see satisfying results, you can start polishing the entire panel. Each panel to be sanded must be tested, because all varnished surfaces are different.  If you use a light polishing substance with a polishing pad, you can always use a heavier substance over it later. It is recommended not to do it otherwise.

When the polishing procedure is finished, and all scratches are gone, it is time to choose the right polishing combination. You can use wax or a sealer for that. The VONROC polishing set consists of the most commonly used polishing pads for the most common varnishes and scratches.

In general, the polishing pads can be used for:

(Be careful! Test it first.)

  • Orange: medium pad for polishing
  • Black: fine grit pad for polishing / finishing
  • White: ultra fine grit pad for finishing.

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

  • 1x Polishing pad/ Polishing Sponge 150mm Orange Medium
  • 1x Polishing pad/ Polishing Sponge 150mm Black Fine
  • 1x Polishing pad/ Polishing Sponge 150mm White Super Fine

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