Sanding paper for palm and delta sanders | 100x150mm - 50pcs

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The right kind of sandpaper at all times

With this 50-pieces set of delta sanding paper, you always have the right kind of sanding paper for all your jobs. This set of sanding papers comprises 5 different grain textures; Grit 40, Grit 80, Grit 120, Grit 180, Grit 240. The sanding papers can be used for dry sanding, fine grit and/or coarse grit sanding of painted surfaces of all types of wood. They are suitable for sanding indoor as well as for outdoor surfaces.

Suitable for almost all brands

These sanding papers are suitable for almost all orbital palm and multi tools sanding machines with 100x150mm sanding pads. With available Velcro fastening, replacing the sanding papers becomes very easy and fast. The papers are perforated, and suitable for machines using a dust extraction function. Moreover, the front triangular part of the sandpaper rotates, ensuring longer use.

These sandpapers are suitable for the VONROC PS501AC palm sander and the VONROC PS502DC mouse sander 20V but also for other types of orbital palm sanders and multi tool sanding machines with 100x150 mm sanding pads, and equipped with a dust extraction function.

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