Coarse and fast cutting of wood

With this VONROC saw blade for table saws, you can saw quickly but also relatively fine through various types of hard and soft wood thanks to the 40 teeth. The saw blade is made of high quality hard metal which guarantees a long lifetime. Thanks to the special slots in the blade, vibrations are reduced and the blade remains well cooled.


This saw blade is not only suitable for the VONROC UK_TS501AC table saw, but also for other brands of mitre saws and table saws with a saw blade diameter of Ø210mm and a bore diameter of Ø30mm.

Extra fine saw cuts?

No problem! Take a look at the VONROC TS802AA. This 60-tooth saw blade is finer toothed and therefore more suitable for finer sawing.

Technical specifications:

  • Saw blade diameter: 210mm
  • Saw blade thickness: 1.4mm
  • Bore diameter: 30mm
  • Number of teeth: 40
  • Saw blade material: hard metal
  • Speed: 7000/min

What’s in the eco-friendly packaging?

  • 1x VONROC Saw blade Ø210 mm - 40T

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