With this universal masonry drill bit set, you can handle any drilling job!

With this 8-piece VONROC masonry drill bit set you will always have the right drill in your home. The drills are suitable for almost all brands of (battery) impact drills with a minimum drill chuck width of 3-10 mm. These drills are made of C45 steel with carbide tips and come in a handy storage box.

For which types of masonry can you use these masonry drill bits?

These drill bits are suitable for soft stones such as masonry, natural stone, artificial stone and sand-lime stone. Not suitable for drilling into hard tiles or concrete.

What sizes of drill bits are included in the package?

  • Ø3 (tip) x 59mm
  • Ø4(tip) x 76mm
  • Ø5(tip) x 85mm
  • Ø6(tip) x 100mm                                                                                                                               
  • Ø7(tip) x 100mm
  • Ø8(tip) x 117mm
  • Ø9(tip) x 118mm
  • Ø10(tip) x 118mm             

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