Cordless soldering iron 4V | Incl. holder, soldering wire and tips

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The soldering iron for coarse and fine soldering jobs

This soldering iron from VONROC runs on a 4V Li-Ion battery and has a maximum power of 8W. The soldering iron heats up very fast, you only have to wait 25 seconds before you can start your job! This model is mainly suitable for soldering electronics. For example the soldering or de-soldering of printed circuit boards or the soldering of electricity cables (soft soldering up to <450 °C). In addition, this soldering iron is also suitable for hobby applications, such as machining 3D printed models and burning work on wood and leather. When machining 3D printed models please pay attention to the melting temperature of the used plastic of the 3D model.

Benefits of the VONROC soldering iron:

  • This soldering iron is very lightweight and runs on a 4V Li-Ion battery, allowing you to enjoy all the freedom of movement during soldering. This in combination with the soft grip ensures that the machine lies comfortably and pleasant in the hand.
  • You can start your soldering job really fast, the pre-heating time is only 25 seconds.
  • The package includes 4 different soldering tips (2x standard tip, 1x precision tip, 1x flat tip).
  • The machine switches off automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity.
  • Easily and quickly store the soldering iron in the holder, during or after the job. The holder also has a compartment where you can put the sponge, so that it will not move during the work.
  • The soldering iron is equipped with working light so that you always have a good view on your workpiece.
  • Convenient LED indicator for easy and quick reading of the battery status, which also shows when the machine is at temperature.
  • Charge the soldering iron via the micro USB connector of the machine (cable included).
  • A high working temperature up to a max. of 450 °C.

Convenient extras

Store the soldering iron in the holder, during or after the job. By placing the soldering iron in the stand while you are working, you prevent your table or workbench from being damaged by the heat of the soldering iron. The stand also has a compartment in which you can put the sponge so that it will not move while working. By means of the LED indicator you can easily keep an eye on the battery status and you know when it is time to charge the soldering iron or when it is fully charged. When you switch on the machine, the LED indicator also shows when the machine is on temperature (red is warming up, green is ready for use).

Most important specifications of the soldering iron:

  • Voltage: 4V
  • Power: 8W
  • Pre heating time: approx. 25 seconds
  • Automatic switch-off: yes, after 10 minutes
  • Soft grip: yes
  • Weight: 110g

What's in the eco-friendly packaging?

The SG501DC comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without a full colour print.


  • 1x Soldering iron 4V
  • 1x Soldering iron holder/stand with sponge
  • 1x Soldering wire 10 grams, 1mm
  • 1x Soldering wire 10 grams, 2mm
  • 4x Soldering tip: 2x standard tip, 1x precision tip, 1x flat tip
  • 1x Charging cable 80cm (USB micro)
  • 1x VONROC Toolbag

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