Aligning all around

Lowering ceilings, raising floors, tiling walls, installing sockets… some jobs just require aligning all around. This 360° cross line laser makes that possible. One push of the button, and the VONROC line laser projects precision on every wall in the room.

Besides the 360° horizontal line, the laser also produces a vertical line with a ±180° range. Thanks to this - very wide - range, the visibility reaches far across ceiling and floor. This makes measuring (dividing) walls very easy. Both lines (horizontal and vertical) can be used separate and/or together.

Green laser, great range

Naturally, the human eye is more sensitive to green light than red light, so green laser provides perfectly visible lines, even in bright surroundings. The high quality SHARP® green laser diode has a great range of ±40 meters and a lifetime of ± 8000 hours. The laser is self-leveling, with an accuracy of ± 0,5mm per meter and a range of ± 6, so it will correct itself on uneven surfaces. When it exceeds the ± 6° range, the beam will start to blink as a sign that manual adjustment is required. This way, you’re sure your project will always be perfectly aligned!

Precision in every angle

Use the switch to easily select automatic or manual leveling mode. With manual mode selected, you can beam the laser in any desired angle. Very useful if you need to measure hand rails, for example. Also a perfect tool for aligning diagonal lines for creative painting- or tiling jobs.

Power from within

The laser has a built-in 4V 2600mAh lithium polymer battery. A full charge only takes 3 hours. Use the included USB-C cable to connect to a (phone) charger, power bank of computer. Fully charged, the laser lasts up to 4 hours. If that isn’t enough: you can use it even while charging!

Very versatile

The laser is equipped with universal 1/4” thread. It can be mounted on any tripod, and - of course - on the included bracket. This multifunctional bracket is adjustable in height, comes withs two types of thread (1/4” and 5/8”) and has two strong magnets and a hanging hole. With this many mounting options, you always have 360° precision at hand!

Key benefits of the cross line laser:

  • High quality SHARP® laser diode with a long lifespan of ± 8000 hours.
  • ± 40 meters range, suited for indoor use.
  • Built-in battery which lasts up to 4 hours on a full charge.
  • Possibility to use during charging.
  • Automatic deviation indicator.
  • Includes height-adjustable bracket with universal thread (1/4” and 5/8”), magnets and a hanging hole.

Good to know:

  • Prefer a red 360° laser? Check out the 360° rechargeable cross line laser red (LL505DC).
  • Looking for a tripod? Check out the LL801AA.
  • Prefer a cross line laser without 360° range? Check out the LL503DC (red), or the LL504DC (green)
  • Prefer a line laser with AA batteries? Take a look at the LL501DC (red), or the LL502DC (green)


  • Laser color: green
  • Number of beams: 2 (1x horizontal/1x vertical)
  • Laser diode: SHARP® 510~530 nm
  • Lifespan laser diode: ±8000 hours
  • Range: ±40m
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range: ± 6°
  • Self-leveling duration: 4s
  • Transport lock/manual mode: yes
  • Ingress protection: IP20
  • Internal battery: 4V 2600mah, Lithium polymer battery
  • Working time on full charge: 4 hours
  • Connection: USB-C (1m USB-C to USB-A cable included)
  • Possible to use during charging: yes
  • Possible to charge with power bank: yes (power bank not included)
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Universal bracket included: yes
  • Thread sizes bracket: 1/4” and 5/8”
  • Thread size laser: 1/4”
  • Weight: 380 gr
  • Dimensions (without bracket): 105x60x115mm
  • Suited for indoor use

What’s in the eco-friendly packaging?

The 360° rechargeable cross line laser green (LL506DC) is shipped in an eco-friendly box without full-colour print.

1 x 360° Rechargeable cross line laser green (LL506DC)
1 x Bracket
1 x Charging cable - USB-C to USB-A - 1m
1 x VONROC tool bag

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