Powerful dual action polisher for all your polishing work!

Do you need to remove any scratches, oxidations or paint on your car, boat or trailer? With the powerful polisher from VONROC, your car, boat or trailer will be brand new in no time!

VONROC polishing machine - safe polishing due to the high degree of erosion

The VONROC dual action polisher is a polisher with a stroke of 21 mm and a pad diameter of 150 mm. This allows you to polish quickly and safely because the paint does not heat up quickly. This makes it suited for anyone who wants to polish their car or boat. From amateur to professional!

The polisher is equipped variable speed control, soft start electronics and electronics that provide constant speed. This way, even during heavy work, the speed remains constant and you get an even quality and no shine differences. You can set the speed yourself, so you’d always have the right speed.

The adjustable speeds per position are:

1. 1400 /min
2. 2000 /min
3. 2600 /min
4. 3200 /min
5. 4000 /min
6. 4800 /min

This polisher is equipped with soft grip handle and a 4-meter rubber cable, this gives you the advantage that you have freedom of movement and are less likely to get scratches on your car or boat.

For which jobs can I use this polisher?

  • Cleaning and polishing your car or boat
  • Remove scratches, polish off oxidations and apply wax.
  • Lacquer shine and make it scratch free

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

The dual action polisher UK_PM501AC is packaged in an eco-friendly brown cardboard box without full-colour printing. The package also includes a useful reusable tool bag for storing the tools and a VONROC Member Card.


  • 1x Dual Action Polisher UK_PM501AC
  • 1x Back pad: 150 mm M8, 12mm rubber, with Velcro
  • 1x 150mm medium polish sponge with Velcro, round corners
  • 1x Allen key for changing the backing pad
  • VONROC Tool bag
  • VONROC Member Card

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