VONROC Automatic hose reel – Incl. 35m garden hose, nozzle and couplings

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Automatic hose reel for all your garden watering jobs!

Watering your lawn, watering your plants, washing your car or filling your pool has never been easier. With the hose length of no less than 35 meters, every place around the house can be reached. This VONROC wall -mounted hose box is attached to the wall and can be turned 180° after attachment, so that you can go in all directions and water any spot in your garden easily and quickly. Finished with your watering job? The hose rewinds automatically, preventing dirty hands and a tangled garden hose thanks to the integrated hose guide. Nice, right?

Main advantages of the VONROC automatic hose reel 35m

  • With the hose length of no less than 35m, every place around the house can be reached.
  • Automatic roll-up system.
  • The garden hose automatically locks to the desired length.
  • With a slight pull at the end of the hose, the integrated steel spring is activated and the hose winds up automatically.
  • The wall hose box is equipped with an integrated hose guide that ensures that the hose is rolled up evenly without kinks or knots.
  • The anthracite grey housing fits well with your home, garden and garden furniture.
  • The hose box can be rotated at an angle of 180 °, so you enjoy a lot of freedom of movement. This also makes it easy to use and you can fold the hose box flat against the wall.
  • Complete pre-assembled starter set that is immediately ready for use. Hoses and couplings are already mounted. All fasteners are included.
  • Couplings and nozzle are interchangeable with all other well-known brands of quick coupling systems.
  • Premium hose consisting of 3 layers.
  • Premium adjustable nozzle with softgrip.
  • Thanks to the included mounting material, the automatic hose reel can be firmly attached to a wall.

Good to know

This VORNOC garden hose reel can be combined with other watering items from our range. For example, connect the garden hose to our OS504XX garden sprinkler, the WT501XX water timer, the SH501XX spray gun and nozzle set or the GS501XX outdoor shower.

Technical specifications

  • Hose length: 35m
  • Length connection hose: 2m
  • Hose diameter: Ø11,5x15,5mm (1/2")
  • Maximum water pressure: 8 bar / 0.8MPA
  • Rotation angle: 180°
  • Powered by: spring
  • Retractor with guide: yes
  • Colour: anthracite grey
  • Material: plastic
  • Suitable for wall mounting: yes
  • Including roll-up: yes
  • Weight: 12.99kg


What's inside the eco-friendly packaging?

The VONROC HR504XX automatic hose reel comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour print.


  • 1x Automatic hose reel/wall hose box
  • 1x 35 meter premium garden hose Ø11,5x15,5 mm (is already mounted)
  • 1x 2 meter connection hose Ø11,5x15,5 mm (is already mounted)
  • 1x Adjustable stop ball (is already mounted)
  • 1x Premium adjustable nozzle
  • 1x Hose coupling with water stop (is already mounted)
  • 1x Tap connection ¾" internal thread
  • 1x Expansion ring for tap connection. ¾" external thread to ½" internal thread
  • 1x Wall bracket
  • 4x Wall plug Ø12mm
  • 4x Threaded bolt
  • 4x Locking ring
  • 4x Cover for threaded bolt


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