Garden sprinkler - Oscillating water sprinkler | Max. 280m²

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Garden sprinkler for automatic and even watering of lawn and garden

Enjoy a beautiful and healthy-looking garden all summer long with this garden sprinkler from VONROC. The oscillating sprinkler automatically and very evenly waters your garden without puddles forming. Choose whether to water only one side or both sides of the lawn. The sprinkler can be adjusted: to the left, right or left and right.

Key benefits of the VONROC garden sprinkler

  • Connecting and installing the sprinkler is very easy and intuitive.
  • Water evenly without puddles forming.
  • Decide whether you want to water one or both sides of the lawn.
  • The quick connector is suitable for the most common connections.
  • The sprinkler has a built-in fine-metal filter (easy to clean) to ensure a long life of the oscillating sprinkler.
  • If the sprinkler openings nevertheless become clogged due to, for example, limescale, the cleaning needle in the sprinkler screw cap can be used to clear/clean the sprinkler openings again.
  • Robust and resilient. The robust housing is partially made of metal parts.
  • Suitable for water pressure between 1.2 and 6 bar.
  • Depending on the water pressure, this sprinkler reaches a maximum length of between 14 meters (at 2.5 bar) and 20 meters (at 6 bar). The width is between 11 meters (at 2.5 bar) and 14 meters (at 6 bar). The maximum spraying area therefore also depends on the water pressure. At 2.5 bar this is approximately 154m² and at 6 bar it is approximately 280m².
  • If you adjust the sprinkler to one side, the range (length/depth) is of course (much) smaller, so this sprinkler is also suitable for gardens with a smaller surface area. However, the width always remains the same (with the water pressure as a variable).
  • Also ideal for entertaining your children during hot summer days.

Good things to know

VONROC has many more products in its range to keep your garden and lawn in top condition! Therefore, take a look here at even more gardening products.

Technical specifications:

  • Spraying area: Max. 280m²
  • Spraying range: Max. 14m – 20m
  • Spraying width: Max. 11 – 14m
  • UV protection: Yes
  • Minimum pressure: 1.2 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 6 bar

What is in the environmentally friendly packaging?

The VONROC OS504XX garden sprinkler/oscillating sprinkler comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without full-colour print.


  • 1x VONROC garden sprinkler/oscillating sprinkler – OS504XX

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