The most complete set for all your watering jobs

How pleasant is that? After delivery, you can get straight to work! The solid and stable hose reel is delivered including a 15 meter long garden hose, 2 hose connectors with water stop, 4 hose connectors without water stop, 2 tap connectors and no less than 3 spray nozzles! This makes watering your lawn, plants, washing your car, cleaning your walls, fence or filling your swimming pool a lot easier and more fun.

Hose reel with 15 metres of garden hose: the hose is easy to roll out and and also easy to lift and carry thanks to the compact design with the carrying handle

Premium adjustable nozzle: by twisting the nozzle, the water jet can be adjusted from a wide misted jet to a powerful jet spray. The nozzle is interchangeable with all other well-known brands and can be used for various jobs such as watering the garden and rinsing soap residues from your car. The nozzle is equipped with soft grip for a comfortable and pleasant grip.

Spray nozzle: suitable for various jobs such as watering the garden and rinsing off soap residues from the car. By twisting the spray nozzle, the water jet can be adjusted from a wide atomized jet to a powerful jet beam.

Multi spray: for multiple water and cleaning tasks thanks to 8 adjustable positions. From hard fog to hard jet spray. Suitable for effortless and continuous spraying due to the lockable trigger.

Hose connectors: 6 hose connectors are supplied with the set, 4 without water stop and 2 with water stop. The water stop ensures that when you change the nozzle, or remove the it from the hose the water stops. The couplings are suitable for mounting on a ½" and 5/8" hose. Thanks to the quick connection system, it can be mounted with 1 click on the nozzle or tap connection.

Tap connectors: the tap connectors can easily be connected to the hose connectors. The tap connection has a 3/4" internal thread and a 3/4" to 1/2" reducing ring. This makes it suitable for connections and taps with both a 1/2" and a 3/4" external thread.

Storage bracket and mounting materials: to hang the hose reel up on the wall in, for example, your garage, shed or under your outdoor porch. The storage wall bracket is suitable for storing the hose reel after use, also, the supplied accessories can easily be hung on the storage bracket.

Good to know

The couplings and nozzle are interchangeable with all other well-known brands which are equipped with a quick coupling system.

Wherever and whenever you want

The hose reel can easily be removed from the wall bracket and, thanks to the reel's compact design and carrying handle it’s easy to lift and carry. Ready with your job? Roll the hose easily and quickly in with the practical swivel on the side. When storing the hose reel, you attach the hose to the frame using the storage connector and attach the hose reel back in the storage wall bracket.

What's in the eco-friendly packaging?

The VONROC S_HR501XX garden hose reel comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour print.


  • 1x HR501XX Hose Reel
  • 1x 15 meter garden hose
  • Premium adjustable nozzle with softgrip
  • 1x Multi spray
  • 1x Adjustable spray nozzles
  • 2x Hose coupling with stop
  • 4x Hose Couplings without stop
  • 2x Tap connector ¾”female thread
  • 2x Adapter ring for tap connection ¾" male thread to ½" female thread
  • 2x Storage bracket
  • 8x Stainless steel screws
  • 8x Wall plugs
  • 1x Drill template

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