Protect your pump, sprinklers and household appliances from sand and dirt with this VONROC pre-filter

This VONROC pre-filter is suitable for the pre-filtration of water (on the suction side of the pump) in combination with irrigation pumps and hydrophore sets. by attaching the filter between the pump and the suction hose, you protect your pump, garden sprinklers and household appliances against sand and dirt by attaching the filter between the pump and suction hose.  

Main advantages of the pre-filter

  • Universal, suitable for almost all pumps and hydrophore pumps with a G1" thread. The filter is suitable for the VONROC GP525AC up to and including the GP530AC.
  • If necessary, simply hang the filter with the included wall bracket.
  • Due to the two supplied G1" wire nipples (with rubber seal), the connections can be converted from G1" female- to G1" male thread.
  • The filter housing is easy to remove due to the supplied key. Replace the filter element or simply clean the filter.
  • The filter element and the filter housing can easily be rinsed under the tap.
  • Protect the pump, nozzles and household appliances from sand and dirt by placing a pre-filter between the pump and suction hose.
  • The replaceable filter element is available separately.

Tips for using the pre-filter

The filter has a G1" internal thread, but two G1" thread nipples are included so that the filter can also be connected to connection hoses and pumps with a G1" internal thread. Because it is important that the suction side of the pump is 100% air tight, we recommend using wire sealing tape (Teflon tape) with the wire nipples on the suction side. It is also important to ensure before usage that the suction hose / pipe, pump housing and filter is filled with water.

Technical specifications

  • Application: pre-filtration of water (suction side of the pump)
  • Filter element height: 12cm
  • Mesh width: 0.15mm
  • Maximum flow: 4000l/h
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar / 1 MPA
  • Maximum water temperature: 35°C
  • Water input and output connection: G1" internal thread
  • Wire nipples (connection nipples): 2 pieces G1", including sealing rings
  • Wall bracket: yes
  • Key to open filter: yes
  • Replacement filter element: GP809AA
  • Weight: 0.7kg

What is in the environmentally friendly packaging?

The VONROC GP807AA pre-filter comes in an environmentally friendly box without full colour printing.


  • 1x Pre-filter complete, including 12cm filter element
  • 2x PP nipple G1", including sealing rings
  • 1x Wall bracket
  • 1x Key

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