For fast and easy fastening of different materials

This 4V stapler from VONROC is being delivered with 10mm nails and various staple sizes (6mm, 8mm and 10mm). When delivered, you can start with your projects right away! This cordless tacker is a very handy machine due to its light and compact design. With this machine you can reach every corner, and staple tightly along a wall or in a tight space, for example in a drawer of a closet.

To be used for a wide range of activities:

This cordless stapler is suitable for a wide range of activities due to the possibility to switch between nails or staples, so what can you use it for?

  • Fixing carpet
  • Covering furniture with fabric or leather
  • Covering panels with felt, cardboard or fabric
  • Fixing skirting boards
  • Attachment of iron mesh and (plastic) film

Tips & Tricks:

To choose the right nails/staples, the thickness of both the material to be processed and the material to which you attach is very important. This is because the tacker does not fold the staples in half like a stapler used in the office, for example. The staple should have sufficient length to get through the upper material and be sufficiently tight, but it should not be so long that it goes through the lower material.

Safe and comfortable

This battery tacker is equipped with soft grip handle for comfortable use. Furthermore, this tacker is equipped with a safety pin, which means that you can always work safely because the machine only shoots when you press the tacker against your workpiece. The tacker has an easy to refill staple/nail magazine with refill indicator. In addition, with this tacker you enjoy all freedom of movement thanks to the 4V battery.

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage: 4V
  • Number of staples/nails: 30/min
  • Magazine capacity: 100 staples/nails
  • Suitable for: stapling 6 to 10mm
  • Suitable for: nails 6 to 10mm
  • Soft grip: yes
  • Safety pin: yes
  • Refill indicator: yes

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

The ET503DC comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without a full colour print. In the package you will also find a handy reusable toolbag to store the tool in and a member card.


  • 1x Battery tacker 4V
  • 1x Charging cable (USB to Micro USB)
  • 300x Staples 6mm
  • 300x Staples 8mm
  • 300x Staples 10mm
  • 300x Nails 10mm
  • 1x VONROC Toolbag
  • 1x VONROC Member card

More Information
EAN Code8717479091836
Staple/nail length6-10mm
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