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Super fast measuring of surface temperatures

Do you want to be able to conduct super fast and cordless measurements of surface temperatures? The VONROC IT501DC Infrared Thermometer is your solution. You only have to direct a laser mechanism at a surface, and you will immediately see the temperature.

Solving isolation problems

With this infrared thermometer you can measure the loss of warmth produced by leaking window frames and doors, or map out your insolation procedures. Therefore is this tools very handy when you want to insolate your whole house, or solve some warmth leaking problems.

There is a myriad of applications

Moreover, the VONROC Infrared thermometer has many more applications in the area of hobby and DIY activities. The foremost measurements that come to mind are:

  • Floors (to demarcate cold and warm parts of flooring);
  • Electromechanical systems
  • Appliances;
  • Meter boxes (such as earth leakage circuit breakers and other electrical devices)
  • Engine parts;
  • Electrical engines;
  • Bearings;
  • Hot water piping systems
  • Radiators (to identify places, where a radiator does not function with full power)
  • Central heating system pipes (to identify supply/return mains)
  • In short, it's a handy device to have at home.

How does the infrared thermometer work?

This thermometer works using infrared rays. The infrared lens catches infrared rays emitted by a surface (from a distance). Using it as data, the infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature. The distance between you and the object/surface to be measured is determined by the size of the surface to be measured. This is called optical ratio. The IT501DC features 12:1 optical ratio. This means that 60 cm distance is required to measure a surface of 5 cm. At a distance of 240 cm, you will be able to measure a surface with a diameter of 20 cm.

Easy measuring

Other easy to handle functions of the IT501DC Infrared Thermometer are options to set the temperature indicator (°C or °F), as well as a memory function for maximum and last measured temperatures, and an automatic off function. This thermometer has a broad range of operational temperatures between -40°C to 530°C. The tool’s LED display provides clear reading even in poor light conditions for accurate and precise measurements.

Be careful!

Do not aim the laser at your eyes or any shining surfaces.

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

The VONROC IT501DC infrared thermometer is delivered in a packaging made of non-hazardous materials. No unnecessarily large boxes, no extra plastic packaging materials, and no full colour printing.


  • 1x Infrared Thermometer IT501DC
  • 2x AA Batteries 1.5V
  • VONROC Membership Card

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