Need to sand the ceiling or wall? With this sander, you get the job done.

A Drywall Sander makes a rotating sanding movement. This has the great benefit because it enables you to sand larger areas more quickly and efficient. The VONROC sander that has a disc dimeter of 180mm, makes it the ideal tool for sanding walls and ceilings. Thanks to the removable cap, you can sand close to the edges.

Sanding the dust arm with the complete dust extraction set

The VONROC UK_DS501AC includes a complete dust extraction set. It consists of a hose and dust collection bag with a carrying strap for extra working comfort. The suction strength of the built-in dust extraction system can be adjusted by yourself.

Thanks to the soft start electronics, the machine starts up smoothly. This prevents the machine from flying uncontrollably over your workpiece. Another important benefit of this Drywall Sander is the electronics that ensure a constant speed. In this way, even during heavy work, the speed remains constant resulting in an even sanded surface. In addition, you’ll also have a variable electronic speed control, so that you can adjust the speed even during use.

Comfortable working

This sanding machine features an ergonomically designed design with side handle for maximum control and working comfort. The sander is also equipped with an extra-long cable of 4 meters.  Change sanding paper is easy thanks to the Velcro system.

What's in the environmentally friendly packaging?

The UK_DS501AC is packaged in an eco-friendly brown cardboard box without full colour printing. The package also includes a useful reusable tool bag to store the tools and a VONROC Member card. Includes:

  • 1x UK_DS501AC Drywall Sander
  • 1x Hose for dust extraction
  • 1x Dust collection bag
  • 1x Side handle
  • 1x Allen key for changing sanding paper
  • 8x Sanding paper Ø180mm: 2x60 grit, 2x120 grit, 2x240 grit, 2x 400 grit
  • VONROC Member Card

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