Multifunctional glue gun for Crea Bea's and Handy Harries

This glue gun is incredibly handy for all your creative hobby jobs such as scrapbooking, making decorations, as well for light and easy DIY jobs in and around the house like gluing ceramics, wood, plastic, glass, carpets, leather, metal and even electronics. Actually, with the VONROC gun you can glue almost anything!

Easy glue dispensing without tampering

Never apply too much or too little glue again! This glue gun is equipped with an anti-drip function meaning that when you release the button, the glue stops flowing immediately. With this glue gun you distribute the glue perfectly over the surface to be glued.

The glue gun from VONROC has a high power of 70W and is therefore heated within 3-5 minutes. The dosage is mechanically adjustable, so you can work very precisely and specifically. The trigger does not require much power, making the gun super easy to use. The ergonomic design ensures that the glue gun fits well and comfortably in your hand. Furthermore, the gun has a high capacity glue output of 8-12 grams per minute which, allows you to work fast.

Safe design

The clever design of the housing prevents the hot housing parts from touching the table. In addition, this glue gun is equipped with a handy mounting bracket and a stable base so that you can mount the glue gun safely and securely. The insulated nozzle also contributes to your safety.

You can use this glue gun for the following tasks:

  • Bonding of wooden furniture
  • Glue loosened carpet profiles
  • Small mirrors can be easily attached in the bathroom
  • Repairing decorative pots and broken porcelain parts
  • Rubber seals on doors can be fitted quickly and easily with the glue gun

Complete set

Get to work as soon as your glue gun is delivered. This complete set contains no less than 56 glue sticks so with this set you can go ahead for a long while! Do you use your glue sticks faster than expected? No problem, the glue sticks are easy to order. 

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

The UK_S_GG501AC is delivered in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour printing. The package also includes a handy reusable toolbag to store the tools and a VONROC Membercard.

  • 1x Glue gun – GG501AC 70W ⌀11,2mm
  • 8x Glue sticks ⌀11,2mm x 100mm
  • 48x Glue sticks ⌀11,2mm x 150mm
  • 1x VONROC Toolbag
  • 1x VONROC Member card

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