VONROC cordless jig saw for precision cutting of shapes in wood, metal and plastic

The specially designed barrel grip of this jigsaw allows you to cut shapes with a high level of precision. The barrel grip ensures that you always make a forward motion while sawing in order to have a more stable and closer grip to the work piece. You’ll be surprised by the natural feel that this machine gives your sawing movements! Not only is this the perfect jig saw for curves, but it is also the ideal tool for cutting short straight cuts in, for example, sheet material. The supplied parallel guide is also an indispensable tool for making accurate cuts parallel to the workpiece edge or for cutting strips to a same length.

Both upright and upside down!- What type of battery do you need for your jigsaw?

Contrary to regular jigsaws with a bow handle, this jigsaw has a T-shaped handle for upside down use! This function is possible thanks to the special design and the T-handle switch, which gives you an excellent view on the cutting edge of the workpiece and makes it easier to saw splinter-free.

Other features & advantages of this jigsaw

  • Variable adjustable speed: the speed is not adjusted by pressing a button, but via a separate setting wheel with a speed range between 0 and 2.300 min-1 to meet the material requirements.
  • Adjustable cutting angle from -45° to 45° for angled cuts. With notches for standard pre-set angles.
  • 3+1 pendulum positions: the blade follows a circular motion, allowing you to cut straight lines more quickly. Pendulum movements also allow you to cut faster. However, should you choose not to use the pendulum positions, the cut will be more accurate while the movement will be slower.
  • Quick change system: for quick and easy replacement of saw blades without the use of tools.
  • Dust reduction: this jig saw is easy to connect to your (construction) vacuum cleaner in order to create a dust-free environment. In addition, it also has a blow function that actively removes dust. Choose whatever works best for you!
  • Integrated LED light: for a perfect view at your saw cut in all lighting conditions.
  • Parallel guide: an indispensable tool for making accurate cuts parallel to the workpiece edge or for cutting a series of strips to a same length.
  • Pleasant grip due to the softgrip handle.

VONROC VPower 20V Platform – What type of battery do you choose for your jigsaw?

This cordless jig saw is supplied without a battery or charger because it is part of the VONROC VPower 20V Platform. You can optionally order the interchangeable 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah batteries. If you want to combine the jigsaw with other machines from the VONROC VPower 20V Platform, one 20V battery with fast charger is enough! Only purchase what you need for a competitive price!

Technical specifications of the VPower 20V jig saw

  • Voltage: 20V
  • No load speed: 1000 – 2300/min
  • Cutting movement: 17,5mm
  • sawing capacity wood 0°: 65mm
  • sawing capacity steel 0°: 8mm
  • Weight (excl. battery): 1,4kg

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

This cordless jigsaw comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour print.


  • 1x Cordless jig saw – JS504DC
  • 1x HCS saw blade for wood, length 130mm, 8 TPI
  • 1x HSS Saw blade for metal, length 76mm, 25 TPI
  • 1x Parallel guide
  • 1x Vacuum cleaner connection (universal)
  • 1x Base plate protective sole
  • 1x Allen key to adjust the baseplate
  • 1x VONROC Toolbag

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