Unique saw for a unique price

The VONROC UK_MS503AC is an excellent mitre saw with all the important specs and features you are looking for in a sawing machine. This machine has lots of power, in combination with a sound base and precision. Really exceptional for this price! Unique in this price range is that the mitre saw is featured with a laser device, which allows controlled and straight sawing lines. In addition, the laser does not work on clumsy batteries, but simply on electrical power.

What kind of sawing job are you planning?

This VONROC mitre saw can be used for making short cuts and mitre cuts in hardwood, softwood, chipboard and fiberboard. For example: to cut laminate and parquet to size. This mitre saw is also very suitable for cutting thick beams and to make furniture. For example: when you are building a skeleton for a building or shed. Thanks to the depth indicator, you can easily saw your workpieces at the same depth level. Very handy when making grooves for woodworking joints. Immediately start with your required operations, thanks to the included 216mm 40 tooth saw blade. This saw blade is the optimum for both fast and fine sawing.

Easily and quickly adjustable mitre saw

Thanks to the large saw capacity, you can saw pieces of wood up to 65 x 115mm. It is possible to cut mitre angles of -45° to +45° and bevel angles of -0° to +45°. All the corners you want to saw can be infinitely adjusted without the need for additional tools. You can also use the pre-set mitre corners on the mitre saw. Angles of 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° can be set quickly and accurately. The saw blades are also easy to change thanks to the spindle lock.

Powerful and robust

This sawing machine with its 1700W power, and with 4900 revolutions per minute, is a real powerhouse! You, yourself don’t have to be a powerhouse like Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example. The machine has a weight of 6.9 kg and is therefore lighter and more compact than its big brothers, the VONROC UK_MS501AC and UK_MS502AC mitre saws with pull function. Furthermore, this sawing machine is easy to transport, because it is provided with a handle and a special handle transport mode. You can take the saw to your workplace more easily and it takes up less storage space in your shed. It is now much easier to place a laminate floor in, for example, your attic.

Precise, durable and accurate

Time after time, plank after plank, and beam after beam, again and again the same excellent precision. You want to rely on your tools. That’s possible with this mitre saw. The robust construction of aluminum guarantees durability and accuracy.

Safety first

The electric motor brake provides extra safety. When the on/off button is released, the saw blade will quickly come to a stop. In addition to the protective cover, this is an extra feature to guarantee your safety. The workpiece clamp can be placed on the left and right side for support. This means that the workpiece is always properly and securely fixed. A dust bag is supplied as standard, but it is also possible to connect the saw to a (construction) vacuum cleaner. This gives you a better view of the sawing lines, less dust and a safer workplace.

What's in the package?

The UK_MS503AC is delivered in a brown cardboard box without a full colour print. In the package you will also find a VONROC Member card.


  • 1x UK_MS503AC mitre saw
  • 1x Saw blade TCT/HW Ø216 x 30 x 2.8/1.6 mm 40T (mounted on the machine)
  • 1x Dust collection bag
  • 1x Allen key (for changing the saw blade)
  • 2x Table extensions (mounted on the machine)
  • 1x Work piece clamp
  • VONROC Member Card

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