Practical reciprocating saw; the versatile saw for use in and around the house

With this reciprocating saw you can easily saw (wet & dry) wood, plastic and metal such as aluminum. It is ideal for cutting material close to the surface such as pipes in a wall, but also for pruning trees and bushes in the garden or for making holes in the middle of plate materials. This sawing machine is the perfect solution for every job!

Agile powerful saw

The VONROC UK_RS502AC reciprocating saw has a power up to 900 watts and is agile enough to work in hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to the rotatable handle, you can always adjust the saw in your ideal working position.

The saw is supplied with 3 top quality saw blades, so you have the right saw blade for all your jobs!

Comfortable working

This reciprocating saw is equipped with a 3 meter long power cable, which gives you a lot freedom of movement. Thanks to the quick change system, you can easily and quickly change the saw blades. Furthermore, the saw is equipped with a lock button that allows you to keep cutting without having to keep pressing the button yourself, which is very useful if you keep on cutting for a long time in one piece.

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

The UK_RS502AC reciprocating saw is delivered in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour printing.  The package also includes a handy reusable tool bag to store the tools and a VONROC Member card.


  • 1x UK_RS502AC Reciprocating saw
  • 1x Saw blade for (wet) wood
  • 1x Saw blade for wood and metal
  • 1x Saw blade for metal
  • 1x VONROC Tool bag
  • 1x VONROC Member card

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