Safe and easy sanding of high walls and ceilings

Does your home have high ceilings and walls? With this telescopic drywall sander you can safely and easily sand it all. It is no longer necessary to stand on a wobbly ladder in an uncomfortable position.

Thanks to its telescopic handle, this machine is also called a long-reach sander and giraffe sander.

Drywall sander with lots of freedom

The long 4-metre cable and the telescopic handle of the machine gives you plenty of freedom of movement. This makes it suitable for sanding plasterboards, walls and ceilings. This drywall sander has a rotating head. This allows the head to rotate flexibly with the shape of the surface you want to sand. This allows you to sand large and high areas easily and efficiently. Walls and ceilings become perfectly smooth again without any unevenness.

The sander has a lot of power. Thanks to the high speed and the number of sanding movements per minute, it quickly removes a lot of material, but you can also use this sander for surfaces that requires less coarse sanding. You can adjust the speed yourself.

Dust-free sanding

The UK_DS502AC comes with a complete dust extraction set. It consists a hose and dust collection bag with a carrying strap for extra working comfort. The dust extractor can also be connected to most common vacuum cleaners. This reduces dust nuisance to a minimum. The ceiling sander is also equipped with a Velcro system so you can quickly and easily replace your sandpaper. The built-in brush head ensures that you can work neatly without damaging the edges and other surfaces.

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

  • 1x Telescopic drywall sander UK_DS502AC
  • 6x Sanding paper Ø225mm: 2x60 grit, 2x120 grit, 2x240 grit
  • 1x Hose for dust extraction, 200cm
  • 1x Dust collection bag
  • VONROC Member card

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