PRO Telescopic ladder - 3.8m with soft close and anti-slip feet

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Compact and wide height range with this telescopic ladder

This new model telescopic ladder meets the latest and strictest safety and quality requirements. This telescopic ladder has been tested by the independent testing agency TÜV. The complete design has been redesigned and made even more solid and robust. In addition, the automatic locking system of the rungs has been improved. Also, the top rung has been fitted with extra thick rubber spacers, which allows you to position the ladder comfortably and safely against a wall, for example, without damaging the surface.

The main advantage of a telescopic ladder is its compact storage length. It fits easily in your shed, closet or car and you are assured enough working height.

When the VONROC ladder is fully extended, it has a length of 3.8 meters.  With just one simple movement you can slide the ladder back in. The working height is variable because you can secure the ladder in all kinds of heights between 91 cm and 380 cm. The telescopic ladder is perfect for use in various maintenance and cleaning activities, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the ladder is compact to store and move. Moreover, this telescopic ladder is comfortable to carry because of the ergonomic handle and the closable strap.

Other benefits and features of the telescopic ladder 3.8m:

  • One-touch retract, slide the ladder back in with just one operation (using two sliders)
  • Working height is variably adjustable, so it can for example also be used when half extended
  • You can slide the ladder safely and in a controlled manner thanks to the soft-close system to prevent trapped fingers
  • The rungs are automatically locked and are equipped with anti-slip
  • Rubber spacers with which the ladder can be placed firmly and without damaging when placing the ladder against a wall
  • Stand safely and stable thanks to the robust feet with non-slip, this in combination with the wide crossbar ensures optimum stability
  • Extremely compact to store and move around thanks to the ergonomic handle and lockable belt.
  • High quality aluminum and a solid weight of 14.8 kg. It is impossible for a (too) light ladder to meet all safety requirements. The strength of the ladder is largely determined by the thickness of the material (aluminum)!
  • Unprecedented price/quality ratio!

Good to know

Do you prefer a shorter telescopic ladder? VONROC also has telescopic ladders with a height of 3.2m or 2.6m.

Specifications of the TL502XX telescopic ladder:

  • High-quality aluminum and a solid weight of 14.8 kg.
  • Extended length: 3.8m
  • Maximum working height: approx. 4.61m
  • Standing height: 2.61m
  • Retracted length: 0.91m
  • Number of rungs: 13
  • Maximum load capacity: 150 kg
  • Material: aluminum
  • Weight: 14.8 kg
  • Complies with European standard EN131-6, French standard 96-333 and Dutch Commodities Act

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

  • 1x Telescopic ladder 3.8m
  • VONROC Member card

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