VONROC torque wrench for tightening all kinds of bolts, nuts and screws to an exact torque

With the VONROC torque wrench you can adjust your car, motorbike, camper, trailer and bicycle all by yourself. Like changing tires, for example. The range of this wrench is 28 to 210 Nm. The torque wrench is calibrated and tested to an accuracy of 4%. The torque spanner comes in a sturdy protective case containing a ½" extension bar of 150 mm, a reducer from ½" to 3/8" and 3 sockets with a special Teflon sleeve.

This torque wrench is suitable for:

  • Tightening all kinds of bolts, nuts and screws to an exact torque (torque is indicated in Nm/Newton metres).
  • A torque spanner is not a ratchet, but a precision instrument for tightening bolts/nuts/screws to an exact torque.
  • Tightening of wheel nuts/wheel bolts of a car (for example during the winter/summer tire change). The nuts/bolts are loosened/tightened with a ratchet or a spanner, and are tightened to an exact torque with this torque spanner. This prevents the bolt from being over-tightened and becoming stuck (over-tightening a bolt can cause it to break or destroy the thread, etc.). It is also possible that the bolts loosen due to vibration. Therefore, use a torque spanner for safety.
  • Repairs/restoration of cars, camper vans, trailers, etc. The bolts/nuts/screws of essential parts must be tightened to an exact torque. For example: the bolts of a cylinder head must be tightened to a torque specified by the manufacturer after replacing the head gasket. Just like replacing spark plugs.
  • All kinds of repairs/installations where bolts have to be tightened to an exact torque to avoid safety issues. Think of hydraulic installations, where all bolts have to be tightened to a fixed torque.
  • A torque wrench is also used to protect damage caused by over-tightening; think of bicycles with a carbon fiber frame. A torque spanner is used to prevent bolts being overtightened.

Most important benefits of this torque wrench

  • 4% accuracy in accordance with EN ISO 6789-2, calibration certificate included.
  • 3 sockets (made from extremely tough and hard-wearing Cr-Mo steel material!) included, fitted with special Teflon sleeve. This is developed especially for alloy rims; to protect your expensive/precious rims during fastening or loosening of the wheel nuts.
  • CAUTION: It is not allowed to loosen screws, nuts or other fasteners with the tool!
  • The precision instrument is delivered in a strong plastic protection case. Always store the torque wrench in lowest torque setting, to prolong the lifespan of the tool and prevent the tool from losing its accuracy.
  • 150mm long 1/2" extension bar included. Also, reducer/adapter from 1/2" to 3/8" is included. But, be aware: Do not use accessories or socket extensions unless specifically required. The more extensions used, the less accurate the torque setting will be.
  • The wrench has a real clicking/ratcheting noise. And when the set torque is reached, you hear and feel a clear CLICK
  • Made from extremely strong and durable 'Hardened and treated chrome vanadium construction (Cr-V)'.

What's in the package?

The TW501XX torque wrench comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour print.


  • 1x Torque wrench ½”, 470mm, 28-210Nm (Cr-V material)
  • 1x ½” extension bar 150mm (Cr-V material)
  • 1x ½” to 3/8” reducer (Cr-V material)
  • 1x 17mm socket (Cr-Mo material, extra long 82mm, blue colour, with white Teflon sleeve to protect alloy rim)
  • 1x 19mm socket (Cr-Mo material, extra long 82mm, gold colour, with white Teflon sleeve to protect alloy rim)
  • 1x 21mm socket (Cr-Mo material, extra long 82mm, red colour, with white Teflon sleeve to protect alloy rim)


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