Compact VONROC 40V cordless lawnmower for easy maintenance of small to medium-sized lawns

With this compact cordless lawnmower from VONROC, you will enjoy ultimate freedom of movement while mowing your grass! The mower is very manoeuvrable and lightweight and therefore easy to handle for the smaller lawns. This model has a brushless motor, which means the mower uses less power and therefore enjoys a longer lifespan. In addition, a brushless engine delivers more power than a comparable engine with carbon brushes.

Most important benefits of the 40V lawnmower

  • Compact, lightweight machine which is easy to handle.
  • Brushless motor. This has numerous advantages over a standard motor with carbon brushes:
    - Less power consumption, and therefore a longer life span (or runs longer on a battery).
    - More power than a comparable brushed motor.
    - Longer life span, or simply a longer service life in general.
    - More compact motor, and therefore a more compact design with a smaller/lightweight machine housing.
    - Maintenance-free, no carbon brushes to replace over time.
  • Powerful 40V motor, which gets its power from 2 VONROC VPower 20V batteries. Which therefore work together as one.
  • Central control handle for height adjustment. Ideal, because you can change the cutting height with a single hand movement. So there is no need to adjust both axes under the machine, which is an inconvenient and dirty job. The cutting height is easy to adjust to the desired height of 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 mm.
  • Luxury handle, which is comfortable to hold or lies well in the hands. Provided with rubber/foam around the handle. The handle is also adjustable in height. The on/off switch that is attached to the handle is made entirely of metal and is placed across the entire width of the handle. It is therefore easy/ergonomic/comfortable to switch the machine on or off. The switch is extra safe thanks to the lock-off (you first have to press button 1 and then button 2 to switch the machine on).
  • The lawnmower comes with a 30-litre grass box with a filling indicator. Super convenient, because then you know exactly when it is time to empty the box.
  • The machine is equipped with a safety key. Only after this key has been inserted into the housing the machine will operate. Extra safe, should your child or someone else run off with this lawnmower, he or she will not be able to turn it on just like that! Because with a battery powered machine, this can easily go wrong.
  • Finished mowing? The lawnmower is easy to store without taking up a lot of space in your shed or garage. The handle is foldable.
  • Thanks to the light weight of the machine and the transport handle, the lawnmower is easy to lift and carry around.
  • Operating time: approximately 15-20 minutes on 2x2.0Ah batteries and approximately 40-45 minutes on 2x4.0Ah batteries. Tested under real-life conditions when cutting real grass. But this is still very much dependant on all kinds of factors; state of the grass (e.g. density, moisture, height, etc.), cutting height and cutting speed, etc.

Tips for using the 40V lawnmower

Mow the edges of your lawn with the VONROC GT501DC grass trimmer. This uses the same battery, so practical! The more often you mow your lawn, the healthier it will be. So cut your grass as often as you can. Mowing your grass encourages the lawn to grow more fully and to produce new sprites, it prevents weeds from growing and spreading in the grass. Mow in a different direction and pattern each time, so the blades are not always pushed in the same direction. Under normal weather conditions, the following guidelines can be followed:

  • March: every second week.
  • April: every 10 days.
  • May to August: at least once a week.
  • September through October: every 10 days.
  • November to December: only in mild weather conditions.

VONROC VPower 20V Platform - What type of battery do you choose for your lawnmower?

This cordless lawnmower comes with two 2.0Ah batteries and chargers because it is part of the VONROC VPower 20V Platform. You can order the interchangeable 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah batteries separately. Please note that this is a 40V machine, so it works with two 20V batteries at the same time (the 2 batteries work together as 1). The machine does not work with 1 battery. The batteries should always be used in sets of equal capacity. So either 2 x 2.0Ah or 2 x 4.0Ah. Never use the lawnmower with 1 x 2.0Ah and 1 x 4.0Ah, as this could permanently damage the batteries and/or the machine.

Good to Know

Are you already the proud owner of two 2.0Ah or two 4.0Ah batteries? No problem! Then check and order our (LM504DC) lawn mower 40V. This set is delivered without batteries and chargers.

Technical specifications

  • Voltage: 40V (2x 20V)
  • No load speed: 3400/min
  • Cutting width: 330mm
  • Cutting heights: 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70mm
  • Grass box: 30l
  • Weight (excl. batteries): 8.5 kg

What is in the eco-friendly packaging?

The LM504DC lawnmower comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without full colour print.


  • 1x Lawnmower 40V - LM504DC
  • 1x Grass box 30L
  • 2x VPower 20V 2.0Ah battery
  • 2x VPower 20V chargers

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