Despite the fact that we produce our products with the utmost care, something can always go wrong, but naturally we’d be happy to help you if you encounter any issues.

The legal warranty of two years for machines and six months for non-wear accessories, batteries and chargers always applies to your purchase on material and manufacturing defects. In short, it means that with normal use your machine should not break down within two years. If the product does contain errors or we have made a mistake, we will provide a replacement.

Be careful not to lose the warranty due to improper use and maintenance. The warranty also expires if the product has been opened by the customer himself. Please note: Read first, then use! We expect our customers to read the manual carefully before use and to follow the instructions for use.

If you have any questions about warranty, we always ask you to contact our customer service first, because often we can immediately help and solve the problem with few instructions. If it’s not possible to solve the problem, in almost all cases we’ll send a new product immediately, conscious of the environment and CO2 impact, without asking for the defective product to be returned.

We only ask that the products be returned for inspection sporadically, randomly or when in doubt. If it’s indeed a warranty case, we’ll send you a new product and all shipping and return costs are at our expense.


If you have any questions about warranty, don’t hesitate to contact our service department! Please see our contact information here.

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