VONROC water timer for automatic garden watering

This water timer by VONROC is easy to install between a tap and garden hose and is adjustable between 0 and 120 minutes (2 hours). After the time has elapsed, the water timer automatically stops the water supply. This water clock is ideal for filling up your pond or swimming pool and for watering a sown lawn, ornamental or vegetable gardens and plants in your conservatory or greenhouse, for example.

Why you want to buy this water timer:

  • Connecting and installing the timer is very easy and intuitive. The time scale is clear and easy to read. 
  • Automatic water stop function, time adjustable from 0 to 120 minutes. 
  • No battery, batteries or similar required to operate. The timer works entirely mechanically. 
  • The water timer also has an 'OPEN' function; the timer is then inactive and the tap operates as if there were no timer fitted. 
  • The upper green adapter ring can be unscrewed so that the timer also fits a 33.3mm/G1" tap. With the green adapter ring, the timer fits a 26.5mm/G3/4" tap. 
  • The quick-release coupling on the bottom is suitable for the most common connections of, for example, Gardena or VONROC. 
  • The timer has a built-in fine-metal filter (easy to clean), to ensure a long life of the timer. 
  • Suitable for water pressure between 1 and 6 bar.
  • Caution: be careful with frost, the timer can freeze to death (just like your outdoor tap). When it gets colder outside, we recommend dismantling the timer and storing it inside (or in your garden shed/garage). 
  • This water timer is highly compatible with the VONROC Oscillating Sprinkler (OS504XX). 

What is in the environmentally friendly packaging?

The WT501XX water timer comes in an eco-friendly brown box without full colour print. 


  • 1x WT501XX Water timer 

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