Irrigation… without irritation

Complete your irrigation system with the digital water timer from VONROC! This handy device fully automates the watering of your lawn, (vegetable)garden and other beloved botanicals.
Just imagine: The exact amount of water irrigation at the exact right time, without having to worry about it.

Usage is easy: Attach to a faucet, connect a hose, set your desired program, and the timer will do the rest. That’s more free time for you to enjoy. You can even leave for the holidays. Carefree of course! And, let’s be honest… it’s a stylish addition to every faucet.

Smart, Stylish & Sturdy

The wide range of interval- and duration settings allow you to design a fully customized watering schedule (interval: 1 hour to 15 days, duration: 1sec to 99min). Your settings are perfectly visible on a big and clear LCD display. The sturdy ABS case is very durable, and thanks to the IPX5 protection class, it can take some heavy rain.

Tip: The short duration option (1 sec<) makes this automatic watering system very well-suited for use with flower pots, as those can only take a limited amount of water.

The right connection

With the included adapter ring it’s possible to attach the irrigation timer to both 26,5mm/G3/4 and 21mm/G1/2 faucets. The hose coupling is suited for the most common hose brands, including our own VONROC watering equipment collection.

Convenience from VONROC

The timer uses batteries (2 x AA). In case of low battery life, the water flow stops automatically to avoid spilling. With the ‘OPEN’ option, you can bypass the timer and use your faucet manually without having to disconnect the device. To ensure durability and a long life, the timer is equipped with a removable, easy-to-clean metal filter.

Good to know:

- This water timer works very well with the VONROC Garden sprinkler (OS504XX), and the VONROC metal pulsating sprinkler (PS505XX)

- The timer is not frost-resistant. Our advice is to disconnect and store the device indoors during colder days.

Key benefits of the Digital Water Timer:

  • Extensive programming options. Interval: 1 hour to 15 days, duration: 1sec to 99min
  • Dual connectivity (26,5mm/G3/4 & 21mm/G1/2)
  • Sturdy ABS casing and IPX5 protection class.
  • Easy controls & large and clear display.
  • Well-suited to use for flower pots, thanks to the short duration option.
  • The ‘OPEN’ allows manual use of your faucet.


  • Power supply: 2xAA batteries (not included)
  • Water connection: 26,5mm/G3/4 and 21mm/G1/2
  • Operating pressure: 0,5 - 8 bar
  • Protection class: IPX5
  • App controlled: no
  • Weight: 270 gr
  • Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 125mm

What’s in the eco-friendly packaging?

The digital water timer (WT502DC) is shipped in an eco-friendly box without full-colour print.

1 x Digital Water Timer (WT502DC) - excl. 2xAA batt.


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