Complete set!

This parasol is shipped as complete set, including Parasol base - 20kg (GP517XX). You can start enjoying right away!

The soft shade of VONROC Parasols

The right ingredients for a perfect day: nice temperatures, a refreshing drink, a good book, a barbecue with your loved ones… and the soft, filtered sunlight of your VONROC Parasol!

Premium Parasol Rapallo

The premium parasol Rapallo has a canopy of 200x300 cm, providing a very large covering area. Set-up and folding is easy, thanks to a smooth crank handle. The canopy is fully tiltable, allowing adjustment in any desired position. Just follow the sun and aim for the sweet spot, without having to move the parasol!

The Rapallo is part of our VONROC Premium line, meaning it’s made of high-end parts like extra thick polyester cloth. The canopy is easy to clean and has a very high sun-blocking UPF-rating, compared to other brands. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, in other words: the amount of protection from harmful Uv-radiation. With our high 50+ value, you’re well protected indeed!
For your convenience, a parasol cover is standard included. Our covers are equipped with a zipper and a handy carbon fibre pole, so putting it on/off won’t be a hassle. This way, VONROC guarantees a long life and years of enjoyment!

Key benefits of the Parasol Set Rapallo

  • Complete set, including parasol base 20 kg (GP517XX)
  • Easy set-up and folding with the crank handle.
  • High-quality cloth with 50+ UPF-rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor): maximum protection from harmful Uv-radiation.
  • Fully tiltable to easily adjust to the position of the sun.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with a durable parasol cover for protection and a long lifespan.

What’s in the eco-friendly packaging?

The parasol Rapallo Set White (GP507XX_WHITE_C2) is shipped in an eco-friendly box without full-colour print.


  • 1 x Parasol Rapallo - 200x300cm – white (GP507XX_WHITE)
  • 1 x Parasol Protection cover
  • 1 x Parasol base 20 kg (GP517XX)


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