VONROC is a young, and one of the fastest growing E-Commerce companies in the Netherlands. VONROC supplies products for the do-it-yourselfer and for the gardening enthusiast through a Direct to Consumer (D2C) model. Founded in 2017 and now active in 15 countries in Europe. We work with a lot of nationalities from our offices in Zwolle and Shanghai.

Our ambition is great, we are now selling our products in 15 counties in Europe and we want to bring dozens of new products on the market that will satisfy our customers. We want to do this in smart innovative ways in which data analysis and ICT play a super important role.

Our slogan is “Build Your Future” and that is not only reflected in our products, but in everything we do; the way we pack, how we handle returns and guarantees and through our own foundation: ROC YOUR PLANET. ROC YOUR PLANET supports environmental projects in all countries where we operate.

Build Your Future also stands for our team and your future. Everyone is part of the team and together you ensure success and everyone shares in this success, but also in the fun we have together. We don't talk about each other, but with each other. This allows you to grow as a team and as a person.




Sustainability is in VONROC's vision. We deem sustainability issues more importantly than traditional power tool brands do.



We try to limit the transport of individual packages to a bare minimum. After all, every transport costs fuel and causes CO2 emissions.

Delivery: as a manufacturer, we deliver our products from our factory floor, straight to your door. This is the shortest way from manufacturer to the consumer.

Returns: we provide our machines with clear descriptions, specifications and photos so that you know in advance what you are buying. We try to keep the number of returned machines as minimal as possible.

Warranty: in most cases we will send you a new product directly, without asking you to return the old product.



We use brown cardboard boxes without environmentally harmful full-color prints. Beautiful, a logical and an important step as a 100% online brand

We have consciously chosen not to deliver the machines in old-fashioned plastic cases. Firstly, most of them are thrown away and secondly, the packaging of the machines without plastic cases is about 40% smaller, which directly results in savings in fuel and CO2 emissions.

We have developed the special, environmentally and reuseable VONROC tool bag for you to store the machines neatly with accompanying accessories.

P.S. It also very useful for storing your sneakers or your laptop.



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