Complete your electric tacker with this universal 4000 pieces set

Thanks to this complete set you can continue working with your electric tacker for the time being. Whatever job you have ahead of you, this set contains the most common sizes for your material.

For which materials or jobs is this set suitable?

This set is suitable for a wide range of activities and materials such as, for example:

  • Fixing carpets
  • Covering furniture with fabric or leather
  • Covering panels with felt, cardboard or fabric
  • Fixing skirting boards
  • Attachement of iron mes hand (plastic) film

How do I choose the right size?

To choose the right nails/staples, the thickness of both the material to be processed and the material to which you attach is very important. This is because the tacker does not, for example fold the staples in half like a stapler used in the office. The staples should have sufficient length to get through the upper material and be sufficiently tight, but it should not be so long that it goes through the lower material.

Want to order extra staples or nails?

Do you have a size that you use a lot and are you (almost) out of stock? No problem, the staples and nails are also available separately.

  • ET801AA 1000 x 6 & 8mm staples
  • ET802AA 1000 x 10mm staples
  • ET803AA 1000 x 12 & 14mm staples
  • ET804AA 1000 x 15mm nails

What's in the eco-friendly packaging?

  • 500 x staples 6mm: for stapling of (very) thin materials
  • 500 x staples 8mm: for stapling of (very) thin materials
  • 1000 x staples 10mm: for stapling of various thin materials
  • 500 x staples 12mm: for stapling of thicker materials
  • 500 x staples 14mm: for stapling of thicker materials
  • 1000 x nails 15mm: for nailing of various materials

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