Ultra-compact mitre saw for sawing hardwood, softwood, chipboard and fiberboard

This 2200W sliding compound mitre saw from VONROC has a compact sliding system that eliminates the need for free space behind the machine. This means that the sliding compound mitre saw can be used in compact/small work spaces and can even be used close to a wall. The mitre saw with pulling function has a lot of POWER, thanks to the high output of up to 2200W and a high no-load speed up to 5200 rpm. After delivery, you can also get to work immediately. The sliding mitre saw is supplied with a Ø216mm, 40-tooth saw blade.

For what purposes can this compact mitre saw be used?

  • The crosscut saw with mounted saw blade is designed for cutting hardwood, softwood, chipboards and fiberboards. Please note that the saw blade is not designed for cutting firewood.
  • Cutting laminate and parquet to size.
  • Cutting thick wooden beams to build the skeleton of a building or a shed.
  • Cutting a wide variety of wooden skirting boards and profiles.

All the benefits of the VONROC compact mitre saw at one glance:

  • Compact! The VONROC MS504AC crosscut saw is equipped with a compact sliding system that eliminates the need for free space behind the machine. The crosscut saw is therefore perfect for use in compact work spaces such as a small (garden) shed or garage. Until now, for a 'compact crosscut saw' you only had models without a sliding system (pull function). With our new MS504AC compound mitre saw, you also have a sliding system in your saw.
  • The total depth of the saw (from the wall to yourself) is already small due to the special sliding system. But because the mitre arm (front protruding part of the work surface) can also be removed, the machine can be made even more compact. The mitre arm can then be stored in the special holder at the back of the machine.
  • Equipped with laser: see where the saw blade ends up before it touches the workpiece. It helps you to saw precisely and accurately. You are therefore ensured of a good view on your sawing line. The laser does not run on inconvenient batteries, but simply on electricity.
  • Equipped with LED lighting: even in poor light conditions (e.g. a dark corner of your workshop). You are ensured of a good view on your workpiece. This one also does not work on inconvenient batteries, but simply on electricity.
  • Separate table extensions that are adjustable. This enables you to saw even long workpieces safely and neatly to size.
  • It is possible to make mitre cuts from -45° to +45° as well as making bevel cuts from -0° to +45°. Last but not least; it is also possible to make double mitre cuts.
  • Despite the compact construction, the crosscut saw still has an enormous sawing capacity; you can saw wood of no less than 65 x 300 mm (Mitre 0° - Bevel 0°). For even more sawing capacity, look at the VONROC MS501AC 2000W mitre saw or even the MS502AC 2200W mitre saw.
  • Very high maximum power of 2200W and high no-load speed of no less than 5200 rpm. In other words: lots of POWER.
  • Equipped with a decent 216 mm 40-tooth saw blade so you can get started right away! 40-tooth is a good compromise for a 216 mm saw blade: the optimum between both fast and fine sawing.
  • Precision: time after time, plank after plank and beam after beam, the same outstanding precision. You want to trust your own tools. This sawing machine deserves your trust. Its robust construction made of aluminium is a guarantee for durability and accuracy.
  • Electric motor brake for extra safety: Blade comes to a stop quickly when the on/off switch is released. In addition to the existing (transparent) safety guard, this is an extra tool to ensure your safety.
  • Thanks to the included length stop, you can easily cut workpieces to the same length, and that saves you plenty of time.
  • Thanks to the depth adjustment feature you can easily cut workpieces to the same depth. This is useful, for example, if you want to make a notch for a wood joint.
  • Easy to transport - equipped with a handle and special transport mode. And the weight of 14 kg is not too bad. You don't have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Dust bag included. You can also connect a (construction) vacuum cleaner. This gives you a better view of the sawing line, and less debris at your workplace.
  • Thanks to the spindle lock, the saw blade can be changed easily and quickly.
  • Mitre and bevel cuts can be infinitely adjusted without tools. But you can also use the pre-set mitre corners on the crosscut saw. Angles of 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° can be set quickly and accurately.
  • The workpiece clamp can be placed on the left and right-hand side for support. So the workpiece is always firmly and securely held in place.
  • By storing the mitre arm in the holder, placing the machine in transport position and sliding in the table extensions, you are left with a very compact unit that is easy to store. Other types of crosscut saws always take up a lot of space, but this one you can simply store in a cabinet.

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 1800W
  • power: 2200W
  • No load speed: 5200/min
  • Bore diameter saw blade: Ø30mm
  • Diameter saw blade: Ø216mm
  • Number of tooth: 40
  • Mitre angles: -45° <> +45°
  • Bevel angles (only left): -45° <> 0°
  • Sawing capacity (height x width):
    • Mitre 0° - Bevel 0° 65 x 300mm
    • Mitre 0° - Bevel 45° 38 x 300mm
    • Mitre 45° - Bevel 0° 65 x 200mm
    • Mitre 45° - Bevel 45 38 x 200mm
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Weight: 14kg

What's in the package?

The MS504AC compact mitre saw comes in a brown cardboard box without full colour print.


  • 1x MS504AC mitre saw 2200W
  • 1x Saw blade TCT/HW, 40 teeth (Ø216 x 30 x 2.8/1.6mm) (mounted on the machine)
  • 1x Dust collection bag
  • 1x Workpiece clamp
  • 2x Table extensions (mounted on the machine)
  • 2x Wrench for saw blade replacement

More Information
EAN Code8717479101566
Power input1800W
Saw blade dimensions216mm
Angle for bevel cutting-45° - 0°
Angle for mitre cutting-45° - +45°
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