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Every homeowner's biggest nightmare: moisture and mold

Next to chocolate, beer and wine, water is also one of the most important components for the human body. Yet there are some major disadvantages with water. Think, for example, of moisture and mold, if this is not noticed in time, rotting will appear. And of course nobody wants this in his or her current or future home! Therefore, purchase the VONROC moisture meter and identify moisture and/or mould on time.

Where do you use this moisture meter for?

  • To check for moisture and mold on or in walls and ceilings; the "building mode" is suitable for checking materials such as plasterboard, cement board and ceilings. You just don't want to paint or apply wallpaper on walls that aren't properly dry.
  • Checking for moisture and mold on or under carpets and subfloors. As a homeowner or as a potential homeowner (during inspection/visit) moisture/mold is your biggest nightmare!
  • Measuring the humidity of wood, plaster walls or cement before painting, wallpapering, sealing or treating.
  • Looking for water leaks above the ceiling, under the floor or behind the walls.
  • For selecting dry wood, for example firewood.

The most important benefits of the VONROC moisture meter

  • Reliable and accurate measuring results: this moisture meter gives high reliability and accurate measuring results and is therefore also perfect for professional use.
  • Unique and ergonomically design: the unique ergonomically designed housing is equipped with rubber soft-grip for a pleasant use, but in addition, the moisture meter is also very suitable to hold and use for a long time. The measuring pins are covered by a cap/lid for protection during transport or storage. The measuring pins are also equipped with rubber sleeves for further protection, as they are very sharp.
  • Two operating modes: the moisture meter has two operating modes: WOOD and BLDG (building materials), so for each material a correct and reliable measurement result is guaranteed. The measuring range for wood is 5 to 50% and 1.5 to 33% for building materials.
  • High contrast LCD display: the beautiful high contrast LCD display (white on black LCD) ensures that the results are easily readable in all conditions. In combination with the LED bar which displays three colours: green, yellow and red, together allow a quick and easy indication/read-out of the relative humidity. When the relative humidity is too high, the measuring device gives an audible signal. This is also easy to turn on or off.
  • Automatic and manual calibration: at the startup of the moisture meter there is automatic calibration, but also a manual calibration is possible via the calibration check in the lid.
  • Hold function: thanks to the "hold" function, you can easily lock a measurement result, which is useful if you have just measured in a place that is difficult to reach.
  • Battery lifespan: to extend the life of the batteries, the moisture meter will automatically 1) dim the brightness of the backlight by half after 15 seconds and 2) switch off after 1 minute of inactivity. Is the battery low? Then the "low battery" icon will appear and will need to be replaced.

Most important specifications:

  • Measurement range: 5 to 50% for wood, 1.5 to 33% for building materials
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2% for wood and building materials
  • Measurement resolution: 0.1%
  • Calibration check range: 17.3% to 19.3%
  • Excessive-moisture alarm: >16% for wood, >20% for building materials
  • LCD size: 51mm diagonal, with three 13mm high digits
  • Bar graph composition: 3 each green, orange and red leds
  • Auto power off trigger: 1 minute inactivity
  • Low battery icon trigger: <7V
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 40°C

As if you receive a present

The moisture meter is, as you expect from VONROC, delivered in an eco-friendly box without any unnecessary plastic. Open the box and you will see that it is presented "as a present so beautiful".


  • 1x VONROC MM501DC Moisture meter
  • 1x GP Alkaline 9V Battery ‘Industrial extra heavy duty’

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