Corldless polishing machine for anyone who wants to polish their car or boat

Powerful 20V polishing machine from VONROC with a Ø240mm polishing disc for large surfaces. Suitable for anyone who wants to polish their car or boat, also suitable for beginners!

For which jobs can you use this polisher?

  • Cleaning and polishing your car or boat.
  • Particularly suitable for applying wax and polishing the wax out.
  • Make lacquer shine and make it scratch free.

Most important benefits of the car polishing machine

  • Cordless, so plenty freedom of movement and no cable that can damage the lacquer.
  • Thanks to the lock-on function, the switch does not have to be pressed continuously during use.
  • Powerful 20V polisher.
  • Thanks to the two adjustable handles, you enjoy maximum control.
  • Ø240mm polishing disc for polishing large surfaces
  • The 38mm thick three layer polishing pad adapts well to the surface to be polished and is of a high quality.
  • Includes a textile polishing cover and a synthetic polishing cover for applying and rubbing out wax or polish.
  • The eccentric movements ensure a beautiful shine without polishing marks.
  • Part of the VONROC VPower 20V Platform. Batteries are interchangeable.

VONROC Power 20V Platform - Which type of battery do you need for your polisher?

This cordless polishing machine is supplied without a battery and charger. This is because the polisher is part of the VONROC VPower 20V Platform. You can optionally order the interchangeable 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah battery. If you want to combine the car polishing machine with another machine from the VONROC VPower 20V Platform, one battery and a quick charger is enough! Choose only what you need and that, for a competitive price!

Most important specifications

  • Voltage: 20V
  • No load speed: 3000/min
  • Disc diameter: 240mm
  • Machine weight: 1.5kg (excl. battery)

What's in the eco-friendly packaging?

This eccentric polisher comes in an environmentally friendly brown box without a full colour print.


  • 1x PM508DC polishing machine 20V – 240mm
  • 1x Textile polishing cover with integrated elastic band
  • 1x Synthetic polishing cover with integrated elastic band
  • 1x Storage bag for polishing covers

More Information
EAN Code8717479095742
Mains voltage20V
No load speed3000/min
Disc diameter240mm
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