Flexible garden hose for all your watering jobs

This garden hose by VONROC is a real miracle! When you connect the hose to the tap, it becomes three times as long and reaches a length of up to 30 metres. When you turn off the tap, the hose automatically shrinks back. Thus, the hose can be easily lifted and stored on the plastic hose holder supplied. The holder is easy to attach to the wall and the hose can be wrapped around it very easily.

For which jobs can this garden hose be used?

This stretchable garden hose is very versatile. Think of watering flowerbeds, lawns and potted plants. But cleaning garden furniture and large surfaces, such as washing your car, is no problem either. The included adjustable nozzle is adjustable from a wide atomised jet to a powerful jet. This makes the nozzle good for many different jobs such as watering the garden or rinsing soap residues from the car.

Main advantages of this flexible garden hose:

  • Equipped with 1 hose connector with water stop and 1 hose connector without water stop. Thanks to the water stop, the water stops flowing when you change the nozzle or remove the nozzle from the hose, which also prevents the hose from leaking. The garden hose can be used with the supplied tap connection. The set is therefore immediately ready for use.
  • The flexible garden hose has a minimum length of 10 metres, but can be extended up to three times to reach a length of 30 metres.
  • Thanks to its compact size, light weight and the supplied hose holder, the garden hose is easy to store.
  • By twisting the supplied nozzle, the water jet can be adjusted from a wide misted jet to a powerful jet spray.
  • The multi spray is suitable for multiple water and cleaning tasks thanks to 8 adjustable positions. From hard fog to hard jet spray. Suitable for effortless and continuous spraying due to the lockable trigger.
  • The tap connection has a ¾” internal thread and a ¾” to ½” reducing ring. This makes it suitable for connections and taps with both a ½”and a ¾” external thread.

What is in the environmentally conscious package?

The FH501XX flexible garden hose comes in an eco-friendly brown box without full colour print. 


  • 1x Garden hose 10 - 30 metres, with hose coupling with and without water stop
  • 1x Tap connector G¾” - G½”
  • 1x Wall bracket
  • 1x Adjustable nozzle
  • 1x Multi-spray

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